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Update log

- Release as freeware.
- Change to a smaller installer.

- Fix for Windows 7/8/10 in administrator mode.

- Fix broken shopping cart link.

- Bug fix.

- Third party components update.

- Fixed strange dual processor crash(caused by third party copy protection).

- Third party components update.
- Address update.

- Address update.

- Net play is now fixed after an earlier bug fix broke it.

- Prevent initial dialog positions from overlapping the game board if possible.
- Default transparency set to on.

- Fixed the black does not go 1st after the splash intro ends bug.
- Added the grayed out load game icon image that was missing.
- Fixed splash labels don't go away sometimes. I think it's fixed.

- Fixed a serious bug in the game engine involving the correct use of mobility.
- Split animation effect and Windows 2000 transparency settings.
- Fixed double chip flip sound when in two player mode.
- Stopped the double sound when the game board is displayed.
- Stopped the multiple end game sounds after a paste with extra lines.

- Fixed sound button on/off not working.
- Added option to turn on/off dialog transparency/animation effects.
- Changed a few shortcuts that were conflicting.
- Help file update to reflect the above changes and spelling.

- Fix Game Info slider bar crazy behavior when moving too far to the right.
- Repaired SavedGames.txt initial state, 25 games instead of 20.

- Fixed choppy chip flipping from previous version(W2k only).

- Fixed blinking when dialogs are moved around by the user(W2k and up only).

- Move each dialog into position before it is displayed the 1st time.

- Have all screens remember previous positions.
- Added Transparent effect during screen moves(W2k and up only).
- Built with updated versions of internal components.

- Fixed unable to save a game in 1st spot of the save list.
- Remove "Last Game" from save list.

- Allow symbolic names for saved games and increase the number of saved games
- Added an animation effect when a new screen is displayed or closed.

- Repacked exe because Windows ME didn't like v4.4.2
- Added separator bar in menu.
- Used updated version of ICS.

- Added "Disable Splash Intro" feature.

- Fixed rarely occurring Rich Edit bug that happens on 98.
- Moved sound files and splash bitmaps into the resource file.

- Fixed maximize game board clipping problem caused by rounded corners.
- Fixed splash offset problem with different title bar fonts.
- Fixed last frame rendered wrong on splash intro.
- Changed executable name, so it doesn't conflict with installer name.
- Fixed the game board clipping when the title bar uses very large fonts.
- Recompiled with SP1 of C++Builder5.
- Fixed maximize/resize clipping problem.
- Fixed broken mutex so not more than one instance can be run at once.
- Add 250-millisecond delay before move preview, to stop blinking before normal moves.
- Got rid of close sound playing twice when some dialog screens are closed.

- Fixed a board size problem on 1st run with small screens.

- Accept paste with passed turns bug fix. 
- Minor visual changes.

- Crash after version update check bug fix.

- Visual changes including gradients and scrolling messages.

- Put in a new auto version update checking and downloading feature.
- Added really cool intro splash.

- Undo version update checking (get rid of stupid ocx).

- Fixed game play mode menu status out of synch with toolbar button.
- Added new version update checking.
- Fixed shopping cart link to mismatched certificate.
- Got IP Port to be editable.

- Fixed last game not saved after exit.
- Added right mouse click on caption bar, rolls up board.

- Couple hundred KB more compact for faster downloading.
- Made shortcut a generic name, so the installer always overwrites it.
- Fixed Server IP address not always showing up.

- Fixed minor help file mistakes.
- Save IP address as default for next game.

- Changed exit button bitmap.
- Fixed a memory leak.

- Stop intro after midi plays one time instead of looping.

- Fixed net play move rejection after a pass.
- Fixed mouse click on status bar makes a move on last row.

- Flipping from black to white was off one frame (blinked at last frame).

- Fixed no mci error on computers that don't have available midi devices.

- Fixed Yellow box.
- New intro that uses midi music.
- Extra links to Brinkworks and email.
- Fixed wrong sound at end of net game.

- More bulletproof net support (still compatible with previous version).
- Cleaned up guide marker corner.
- Disabled multiple game launch, I used for testing.
- Valid move markers (X) are now cleared after a move.
- Added Registration info on title bar and about screen.
- Made the net screens non-scalable and the same fonts as the others.
- Displays Registered without having to restart after registering.
- Streamlined the registration process.
- Made registration key read only, so it's safer from corruption.

- Added Internet/Network game play.
- Added animate on/off option.
- Fixed abort early end game while replay bug.
- New game piece design.
- Changed guide markers to be 3D rendered.
- Changed name to Deep Green Reversi.
- Changed valid move markers to be 3D rendered instead of drawn X.

- Made some of the colors match better, and improved game piece appearance.

- Made the memo on the level dialog read only so you can't type over the text.
- Made it so that the memos on the intro dialog don't allow carriage returns.
- Fixed the incorrect version number on the order form.
- Use self-extracting zip instead of cab for people who got cabinet.dll error.

- Tweaked board redraw routine so it’s smoother and dots don't blink.
- Rebuilt the project with the SP1 version of the compiler.
- Changed some of the case of the text in the status bar so it might look better.
- Added this history to the installation instead of just the web site.

- Fixed incorrect thread termination on game exit which sometimes caused error message.
- Added Game Analysis button description to user interface section of help file.
- Packaged as self-extracting cab instead of zip to reduce setup file by 33k.

- Fixed blinking caused by mouse movement while flipping game piece.
- Fixed previous yellow box being displayed while flipping game piece.

- Added 3D animated game play.
- Changed help file icons that had gray background.
- Fixed misspelled Game Graph in options menu.
- Made menu say "options" instead of "option"

v2.2 8 
- Fixed tie game not reported correctly. Sigh.
- Fixed multiple launches of the program cause error message.

- Fixed take back moves with more than one pass in a row problem. (Affects saved games)
- Fixed computer makes a move after Game Analysis screen is closed.
- Game Analysis screen remembers moves until the user\computer makes a move now
- Added the score to the bottom of the Game Notation.
- Added the score to the Game Analysis screen title bar. 
- Spelling

- Added Game Analysis button to toolbar.
- Fixed memory leak in Game Graph code.
- Smaller sound files to reduce setup file by >100k

- Added Accept Paste Button to Game Analysis screen.
- Fixed Game Engine thread termination problem that caused NT to lock up sometimes.
- Game board and Game Analysis screen remember last screen position at start up.

- Added Game Analysis screen.
- Added context sensitive help.
- Added icon images to the menu.
- Changed name to Reversi.
- Various minor bug fixes.

- Undid test code that I forgot to disable. This made the new algorithm play poorly Oops!

- Added board size button.
- Added a printable registration form.

- Fixed a deficiency in the original algorithm, which made it play weaker during repeated passes.

- Added a new type of algorithm, which uses precomputed information and mobility.
- Fixed a serious deficiency in the original algorithm, which caused weaker game play in all cases.

- Fixed a display problem of the "4 dots" with some Riva 128 cards.

- Added local 2-player mode.
- Added guide markers.
- Added player hint/cheat with right mouse click.
- Various bug fixes.
- Added clickable link to web site.

- First widely distributed version.
- Hint/cheat on right mouse click.
- Bug fixes.

- Added 3D rendered game pieces.
- Added feedback in the form of colored box to show the computers focus

- Original version.

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